Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Craft Room

I love my office/craft room.   I work from home at least a day a week, and can set up my TP and work looking out onto the yard.   My 'desk' is a large table.  This room is also my craft room and I need a large surface to cut/sew on.  The opposite wall has tons of shelves for craft supplies/books.

But I'm always looking for inspiration. 

A craft room/office needs a great work surface, tons of storage, comforable seating and effective lighting.
Sorry I don't know where these images are from. 

who does it better than Martha?


  1. Sharon does it better than Martha!!! I am sitting here looking around my craft room and shaking my head. Boy, do I need a makeover! I love your winter wreath. I want one. I will be out looking for a feather wreath, lol... And also some sheet music.. I am glad I found you. Mini Blessings, L J

  2. storage is key in any craft room :) I once saw some really great car garage drawer units used as storage and they looked great - added a real industrial feel to the space with the shiny metal finish and the chunky, rectilinear form (not to mention it was super functional).

    *Tania @

  3. wow. LOVE the craft rooms! especially the green colored ones. (i'm a big fan of green).

    thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm waiting for the 22 year old to move back out of home so that I can get my studio back for me!