Monday, September 29, 2014

Tidying up the Side

The side walkway of my house has been a mess since I moved in.   I could never get the lady next door, whose walkway connects, to agree to have it fixed.   She has agreed to having quotes ... hundreds of quotes, but never to actually set it in motion.

After the horrible winter last year, I wanted to get the walkway fixed so it wouldn't slope to the house.   I didn't have any water damage in the spring, but didn't want to go through another winter worrying.
Not pretty!!!
I finally got a contractor to agree to do just half.
It now looks tidy and I won't have to worry about leaks this winter (knock on wood)
Well the lady next door must have been embarassed seeing how nice my walkway looked.   She finally had her side tidied up.    The walkways aren't gorgeous, but at least we can safely walk on them and hopefully no water damage.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More Seating or a Plant Stand?

I made this little bench for the patio.  It has turned into more of a plant stand :-)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Canvas, Corks and Cocktails

I went to a "Canvas, Corks and Cocktails" event last week with 3 friends.   The premise is that even if you can't paint, by the end of the night you have a piece of original art ... a masterpiece!

I am generally creative and handy, but I cannot draw at all.    The artist put us all at ease and started demonstrating how to block in your picture, how to add background, etc and pretty soon we were comfortable weilding a brush.   Not to say that we would win any awards ... but we were all pretty happy by the end of the evening.    In progress:
Similar ... but different!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


I love Annabelle hydrangeas.   I was out driving in the country and noticed a clump, so I stopped and picked a few for the dining room table.
Great find on a drive!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Autumn Fabrics

I was out to lunch with 3 of my quilting friends and we decided to do a fabric exchange first.
We would give each other 10 - 5 inch strips.
I bagged mine in a brown bag with a vintage button sign I found on-line.
The fabrics I chose were mostly turquoise and blacks.   The other ladies all went with fall fabrics.
They were all so pretty and co-ordinated, that I've started an autumn lap quilt for the sofa.   First 3 blocks done.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


QWERTY is the most common modern-day keyboard layout. The name comes from reading the first six keys appearing on the top left letter row of the keyboard.

I've been an Executive Assistant for my 40+ year career, and I've always wanted an old manual typewriter to display to represent that.   The really old Underwoods are quite pricey.   I was in a new store in Port Perry on the weekend (when I was lunching with the ladies) and there, on the bottom shelf, was this pretty little manual Smith-Corona typewriter.
The price was surprisingly reasonable, so it came home with me.  It now lives on the sofa table under the window in my family room.
I won't be giving up my laptop anytime soon .... but it doesn't have that lovely "zing" when you hit the carriage return!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Garden Star

I've been working on making my garden more interesting and showed you the 'tomato' sign and old window  I added here.

I was out to Port Perry for lunch with the girls and bought a tin star for the fence.   It came in black, but of course I wanted a different colour ... so out came the spray paint.   A lovely 'Colonial Red'.
Two seconds to dry in this heat ... then up on the fence.   A mottled red with the black showing through.