Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tool time!

I used to store all my tools in the laundry room, but now that I had the room professionally finished, it is too pretty for tools.

I decided to set up the closet under the stairs as my tool room.   I lined the walls with plywood, painted the floors and have started organizing all my tools.

My sister-in-law made all the wooden tool holders.
I love the rotary phone ... it came with the house.

Great way to use under the stairs.   A few more things to add to the walls, but then everything will have a place and all the screws/nails etc will be labelled.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Time Change means Spring is on the way!

Time to make a small change in the bedroom in anticipation of Spring!

Off with the dark winter quilt and on with a pretty spring quilt in golds and greens and reds.

Monday, January 7, 2019

First project of 2019

Got up this morning and finally got in gear for 2019.

Starting small, I decided to re-upholster my office chair.    I received an electric stapler for Christmas and this was just the job for it.

I had a few yards of this upholstery weight fabric in the basement (I must have bought at the same time as the red toile)
Covered the top and added a dust cover to the bottom.   I personally don't like to see all the cut fabric and staples under the chair .... not that I'm on my knees that much .... but it is just neater.
Screwed the seat back on.    
Et, Voila!

A great small project to get the momentum going again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas around the House

I don't go all glitzy for Christmas.  My decorating is much more subtle, but you definitely know it is the Christmas season.

The Kitchen is decked ..

The Living Room and Dining Room

The Mantel in the Family Room

A little Christmas on the shelf above my desk in the Office/Craft Room

The beds get festive red and white quilts

And I am one of those that has all her Christmas shopping done before December 1.  Everything is wrapped and ready for a happy day with the family.

Monday, December 3, 2018

New Chandelier

I have been walking down the stairs for year looking at my ugly chandelier.  When the electrician was in doing the wiring in the new laundry room I took that opportunity to replace the light with a new bronze iron lantern.

Old Light

New Light

Way more me!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Total Update of the Laundry Room

I have been in this house for 11 years now.   The laundry room has always been an unfinished space in the basement.   Not really condusive to washing your clothes :)
I finally had a construction crew in to finish the room.   Framing, wall board, laminate flooring, lighting and everything.   This is the finished room.
 Even has room for my workbench.   An area under the stairs (that you don't see in any of the pictures) was sectioned off with a door and I use that for tool storage.
 The solid door leads into the hot water/furnace area.   The louvered door is next to the furnace to allow ventilation.

The rest of the basement was already finished so I am happy to have this area complete.