Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kitchen Table

A weekend repair:

I have a small eat in area in the kitchen.   I honestly don't ever eat there, but it is a good spot to set out dishes and things when I entertain, and I like having the chair there when I use the phone, or a friend is over and we are chatting while I make tea.  I found the chair at a roadside sale and painted and re-upholstered it ... it is a really pretty, small chair, the perfect size for that area.

My brother (who is absolutely amazing and can build anything) made me a top of two laminated pine boards with a routered edge.   This sits on top of a black iron sewing machine base.   I love this table.

The factory lamination on the sides had started to dip, and I was afraid they would split off, so I took the top off, and screwed and glued two stabilizing boards on the underside.  Now I can sit anything on the top and it is strong enough that I don't have to worry.

You can only see the stabilizers if you are on level with the top.  (it looks like it still dips in this photo, but it is actually level now)
It's a little thing ... but it makes me happy.

PS .... Just a question .... do you ever stage your posts?  I know when I was looking at my final picture I thought "wouldn't that look nice with an ironstone pitcher full of tulips"   I came back to reality when I realized I would have to get out of my sweats, wash my hair, put on some makeup, and go out in sub-zero weather to get tulips.    Sorry ... you got reality ... a candle that doesn't have to be watered, and never dies!!!


  1. You are lucky to have a handy brother! I guess I try to "stage" my pictures, but like you I won't go out of my way to make it look perfect :)

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