Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ceiling Fan for the Bedroom

I was sick after the holiday break.   You would think that lying in bed, in a weak state, staring at the ceiling, wouldn't make you think about decorating ... but if you had to look at my ceiling it would.

My ceiling fan drove me nuts.   It is not centred over the bed ... or in the middle of the room. It is off to one side of the room!!  Laying flat on my back in the middle of a queen size bed ... this is the view!  All the ceiling lights in this house are in very strange locations, but because I look at this one daily (or nightly) I am more aware of it.   By the end of last summer it was squeaking and no amount of oil would make it quiet.  I know it has to be replaced before summer ... so what do I get?

I already know ... I just want another white fan that disappears into the ceiling ... without a squeak!

Fans:   1) Southern Living, 2) Martha Stewart Living, 3) Verandah Magazine, 4) Traditional Home, 5) Wilcorp Fans


  1. Isn't it great how nice ceilings fan can actually be now? :) I love the ones in the second and third photo

  2. Hi Sharon. Those are some lovely fans. To me fans are a necessary evil as our ceilings are not very high so they seem to dominate the space. We're in the market for new ones too but just waiting for a good sale.
    I hope you find what you are looking for:o)

  3. Sharon, there are some nice quiet ones..We moved in here in June and the previous owner had put ceiling fans in all bedrooms and great room, and nice ones too. Pretty sure these are Hampton Bay...of course to me Hunter is the industry standard..

  4. Light fixtures that aren't centered drive me up the wall! We are moving into a house with several uncentered fans...I don't get it! I feel your pain!

  5. Hey! Thanks for your kind words and for visiting my blog! Love yours! I'm going to read the whole thing right now :)

  6. We have a ceiling fan too and I really like having it. It would, however, drive me crazy if it were squeaking! Best of luck with your new purchase. Thanks for stopping by!