Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Main Floor Guest Bath (cont'd)

I got a coat of paint on the ceiling of the main floor guest bathroom.   If you will remember I freshened up the trim and then was unsatisfied with the rest of the room.

White ceiling

Huge transformation really .. it's blue
I didn't want to go out, so went downstairs and made my own colour.   I decided to use fabric I already had for a drape, so needed a blue for the ceiling.   I had an inch of white, a part tester of mid blue and one of navy, and a bit of gray.   It made up about a half a litre of paint ... surely that will do 2 coats on the tiny ceiling.

The paint swatch on the fabric is the colour I think I will paint the walls - Benjamin Moore 'Hudson Bay' CC-810. Funny how you just have paint strips in the drawer.   With the white vanity, sink and toilet I don't think it will be too dark.  I'll get it on the way home from work tomorrow.

Oh .. and just I confirmed the family is coming for Thanksgiving (Canadian) on Sunday ... is there a chance I can get this room painted, make a drape, take in the patio furniture, take out all the annuals from my garden, decorate for Fall and organize a meal???


  1. Sharon,

    Thanks for coming by my blog today! You sound like me. Every time I know I have family coming I do all those same things....decorate, clean the house, fix up the patio, and try to plant new fresh plants in my garden! Why do we make ourselves crazy like that??? We probably wouldn't want it any other way!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Take care,

  2. Hi Sharon! Thanks so much for coming by today and commenting. Sounds like you've got a BUSY week! geez... I hope you're not to tired to enjoy your company... Good luck with everything. It will be fun to see how the room turns out.

  3. Just wont to say hello Sharon.
    I am glad you stopped by my blog so I find yours.
    I am bad living comments but I will be back.
    Have a lovely day

  4. Love that fabric! Just get done what you can and try not to drive yourself crazy. I know it will look great!

  5. Gorgeous fabric - can't wait to see the finished room. Leigh

  6. Thanks for stopping by today. I love the white ones also. Orange just doesn't always fit into your decor.

    Take care,


  7. Yes you can do it all! Thanks for the comment about my doors, I do think they were a little bashful! ha

  8. Sharon, great job on your new blog and your DIY projects. I have no doubt that you can get that work done...if you don't sleep. Are you cooking too?