Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just freshen up the trim ....

The trim in my main floor guest bathroom was looking a little tatty.   In fact, all the trim in the house is.

So I thought "quick fix".    RIGHT!

all taped up!
Now that the trim and door are looking so sparkling, I am noticing that the paint job I inherited is not very good.   There is wall paint on the edges of the ceiling.   The towel holder is coming a little loose ... and it isn't in the position I would really like it to be.

Suddenly my little trim job has worked into something much bigger .... paint, a new towel holder, a new mirror as long as I'm doing the room and the window needs a drape.

I'll just freshen up the trim ... famous last words.


  1. Thanks for telling me the pattern my grandmother always called it a dutch doll quilt

  2. That's how it always is at my house...hang a new I need a new rug and the list goes on. Hope you have a great week.


  3. Isn't that always the way. I have had a new mat and towels hanging with the price tags on the edge of my towel bar in my bathroom for 2 months. Decorating for myself is the hardest!

  4. I have to do a lot of stuff to my bathrooms too. The process never seems to end. Thanks for stopping by by blog. I've joined yours so that I can keep up with future postings. Come join mine!


  5. Yeah, 'freshening up' usually means $500 and 10 trips to Home Depot for me! ha

  6. Thanks for visiting and I have a tip for you. To do the white thing, you need lots of natural light. That could be why you are having trouble. I love it too, but don't have enough light to pull it off. Don't be a stranger!

  7. After you freshen up the trim, check out those Mr. Clean dry erasures. I used them all the time to freshen up my white painted trim.