Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kitchen Update

I have been remiss in getting out an update on the kitchen.    It is 95% done.

The drawer fronts for one of the banks of drawers were ordered incorrectly.   They had to be re-ordered.   I didn't like the way the crown was installed, so that also had to be re-ordered.   During the install I decided to have drawers installed behind a set of doors rather than the standard shelves.   Those had to be ordered.   I loved the finished panels on the end units and wanted some added to the sink area.   Those had to be ordered.   Then the factory closed down for summer break.   All things that have meant the kitchen is not yet finished.

But here are some pictures on how far we are at the moment:

Almost done.   I am loving it.   Extending the counter top to create a desk area  both simplifies the area and provides tons of extra counterspace.

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