Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kitchen Update - Cabinets and Countertop going in

The kitchen is coming along amazingly fast.    The floor was finished last week.   I had the appliances delivered on Saturday.   Monday the team returned and started installing the cabinets.

I am having about half the kitchen re-faced and half is new cabinets.  The wall with the sink is unchanged except for some internal drawers and a new sink and faucet.   The wall with the stove is almost new.   A new cabinet above the stove to accommodate a microwave.   A new 27" upper beside the stove and a 27"  3 drawer until below.  There used to be only an 8" piece of counter by the stove, but I've had the counter extended over the new drawer unit to create a desk area with an additional drawer/cabinet unit to anchor the end.   I will get about about 8 feet of additional counter!!!

Sink side of the kitchen.
Showing the subway tile installed - not grouted yet
 Showing the new run of counter past the stove 
 New end panels .... love the details
 New 27" upper cupboard.  There will be a 3 drawer unit below.
The installer said this part goes quickly and you see a huge transformation.   Then it doesn't look like much is happening but all the details go in :  crown and light trim; grouting of the tiles; electrical work; hook up of appliances  and installation of pennant light in desk area; sink and faucet; aligning of doors, adding knobs and handles; baseboard .... and a million other details.

Extremely happy so far :)