Thursday, July 31, 2014

I've been Robbed!

I've been robbed!    I came home from work the other day, set up myself in the office and continued working.   Then I had to get something from my bedroom.    DISASTER!!!
Every drawer from my chest, armoire and bed tables was dumped upside down on the bed.   Purses and shoe boxes were pulled from shelves in my closet.    What a mess.    My jewellery box was upside down on the chest and every last bit of good jewellery I owned was gone.   Rings, bracelets, necklaces .... EVERYTHING.
Police Car
The police came and took a report, but weren't very optimistic that I would get anything back.  Next I called my insurance provider.   They were very sympathetic and asked for a list of the items missing. Then they asked for pictures .... Pictures ..... really??

I went through all my scrapbooks, but usually when I take photos it is a casual affair.   Not really time to pile on the jewels.   I pulled out all my old SD cards from my digital camera and started reviewing. Couple pictures showing a ring, a necklace, and then I hit the motherload!

Thank god I blog.   I had done an post on organizing and had taken a picture of my jewellery box.   There it was, all in one spot.   Proof of ownership.
*I actually didn't use the photo, I had second thoughts due to security

I can't stress how important it is to have pictures of your valuables.   Your jewellery box ... anything you would hate to lose.  Really all your belongings.

As bloggers, we probably have more photos of our homes than most people, so we have a head start.
But get your cameras out and snap away.   It may come in handy one day.


  1. Oh no! Sure glad you didn't walk in on them because people this brazen can be very dangerous.

  2. That is awful! Good thing that you had the photos and a great tip to take photos of our valuables.