Friday, June 13, 2014

Just Puttering ....

I haven't posted in ages.   It's summer and I'm a slug.   Nothing big happening, just puttering.

Made a couple more pillows out of the wing back chair fabric.
My lawn died (which I re-sodded last year).   I've decided to lay flagstone over the whole yard.
I'm doing a couple stones at a time ... you can see I still have 3 to lay from this batch.
Found a cute $2 galvanized pail at the Dollar store for my stump.
and I'm working on a new summery quilt.  Sample of some of the blocks all in vintagey fabrics.
 Still nothing big planned ... I'll continue puttering :-)


  1. That's a lovely quilt in progress. The flagstones look nice. Will you add a ground cover to grow between them or something else? I have always liked that look and think you're not much of a slug if you're doing that lol.

  2. You know I love flagstone! That looks beautiful. I feel like I'm a slug on my blog, but I am definitely not 'doing nothing,' you know? It is pretty hard to blog regularly.