Friday, August 23, 2013

More Treasures found their way home with me!

With Mom downsizing to a retirement home, there was a lot of furniture that needed new homes.

I remember my Dad re-finishing these two pine chests.   He wasn't one to splurge on chemicals that would have helped the process ... he did it entirely by hand with scrapers, sanders, little picks, etc.
I had to have them.
This replaces a little table I had under the window (in my craft room/office)
And this one replaces a blanket box.    It raises the TV up to a better level and gives me additional storage in the den.

Now to find new homes for the displaced pieces ....


  1. Those are both great pieces. The extra storage space in the drawers always comes in handy too.

  2. Those are wonderful pieces. How nice that you were able to work them in so that they really work for you.