Sunday, February 24, 2013

Six Inches is All You Need

My niece has a huge bedroom, but there is never enough space when you are a young woman!    She is a  veracious reader and needed additional space for all her books.

With six inches to spare behind her bedroom door, she decided to make use of it.   Allison and her mother made book shelves from mdf to fit perfectly behind the door.  They are painted "Marshmallow Bunny" (BM), the same as her walls.
Allison styled them with lots of clever storage ideas for her jewellery.   She used an empty water bottle to hold bangles, with a silk flower to camoflage the top.
  A teacup from her grandmother:
Tons for storage in just 6 little inches.  Great work Allison!


  1. Well, that spot is just perfect for shelves! I love that. We have a recessed portion of our bedroom that I would love to do this in...we'll see!

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