Saturday, January 19, 2013

Monkey Business

My sister-in-law is addicted.   And my niece is an enabler.

Donna has recently taken up making sock monkies.  She has bought every work sock in the Oakville/Burlington area to feed this habit.

My niece Allison went to Detroit to the car show with my brother today, spied the store where Donna gets her socks and made her Father pull in.   She came out with 15 more packages of socks .... at 3 pairs per package that is 6x15=90 more sock monkies!
 Ok ... Donna does have a booth at a Christmas bazaar in November.   She will definitely have enough stock.

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  1. That us a lo of socks. We made simple versions with our special needs high school class. I sewed the parts and my colleagues helped the kids stuff and sew them together. Each was unique and a big hit.