Monday, January 14, 2013

I almost made it ....

I have the best intentions to clean out my basement this year,   I have been in this house for 5 years and I have boxes that I have not opened since the move.   How much do I really need those things?

I grabbed two boxes of things and took them to the local thrift store on the weekend, and left feeling that I had started the wedge into all that stuff.

I ALMOST   made it to the door.    Three feet from the door I glanced ... just glanced ... to my right and there it was the PERFECT little table for my front hall.   I could have kept walking, but I stopped to just look at it and decide that it wouldn't work.    But not only would it work ... it was perfect.  I had to walk back in and purchase it.   It was $12 .. solid wood ...  no way I could resist.

I brought it home, dusted it and placed it in the front hall.   Added some books and a silver bowl.  It was just what I wanted.
 Of course the old mirror didn't go with it, but really I had been planning to replace it anyway.
 So I ran out to Winners and picked up a new mirror and I installed it tonight.
 Well at least they didn't go in the basement, and I am still two boxes lighter ... right?

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  1. Hey Shar

    Looks awesome, especially with the mirror too. Donna