Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ikea Shopping

I made a trip to Ikea looking for some shelves.

There were lots of new items that caught my eye.
A cute coffee table:

A "wicker" desk chair
Good craft room ideas ... a magnetic bar for scissors:
Great blue and white drapes:
I didn't get any shelves, but I got a couple things for styling them when I do.  
 Is that getting the cart before the horse??   I just couldn't leave this clock and plant behind :-)
Now to get some shelves!


  1. Funny- I just used one of those blue and white curtains to make some art for my living room! I didnt know they were still being sold- I bought mine at Value Village

  2. I really do need to make a trip to IKEA - love the coffee table (was it wood?), the blue and white drapes, and the clock you bought. I sympathize about the shelves - it is really difficult to find good shelves.

  3. Oh, I miss Ikea! Love that desk chair!Just signed up to follow along with you. I always love finding fellow Ontario bloggers!