Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Give me the Gears

I was out to my favourite shop today, Penney & Co. in Whitby,  to purchase some gears.   I saw them on my last visit, but didn't know where I could put them.   I decided today they would be perfect on the shelves I am putting in the guest bathroom (still to be hung).
Then because I couldn't wait til the shelves were up, I put them on the tea wagon in my dining room.
I LOVE them there.   A slight industrial vibe, and I'm trying to get away from my very traditional look.

So the shopping for the bathroom shelves continues.   It's a good thing they aren't up yet.

PS.   I am looking for a new light for the tea wagon, so don't worry I'm overdoing the circle motif.


  1. I love the gears on your tea wagon! It has a nice tension with the more traditional pieces.

  2. Love the gears, will even look better once the lamp is gone. Donna