Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Baking

My extremely talented niece, Allison, a pasty chef in training, did some Easter baking on the weekend.
I love the little lamb ...
She also made chop suey loaf ..... mmmmm
I could gain 5 pounds just looking at it!!!


  1. Hi! I enjoy reading your blog, and your quilts are beautiful! (I can't believe how quickly you can make one)
    When reading this post I saw the Chop Suey loaf and have a friend that has been searching for a recipe for this for YEARS! She used to be able to buy this at a local bakery (Waterloo Region), but that bakery has since closed. When she asks other bakeries, they ALL look at her very strangely (Chop Suey loaf does sound quite odd?!?)
    Do you have the recipe for this. I would love to get it for her, for she is a great friend.

    Kim :)