Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thread Count

I bought new sheets with a very high thread count.   They are sooo soft and feel like you are sleeping  on silk.
People rave about high thread count sheets ... I miss the crisp coolness of a lower thread count.


  1. My high thread count sheets are my favourite, but the wrinkles ?! I had mine monogrammed and they now wrinkle all around the letters and I refuse to start ironing my sheets.

  2. I buy 350 thread count, and am very happy with them. I also have a couple sets of bamboo sheets that are nice and soft, but wrinkle terribly. Like Katherine, ironing them is not going to happen!

  3. I agree lower is crisper and I like percale better. I cant hang out my sheets here but I used to love the cool, crisp smell of the sunkissed sheets.

  4. I have high (about 1000?) thread count and they are FREEZING! I FREEZE every time I slide into bed...

    So I'm scaling back to a 650...

    I checked out the Westin Hotel "Heavenly" bedsheets and they are 300 or 350 (can't remember, but definitely not high)