Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cold, quiet weekend.

It was freezing all weekend and it is going to be minus 26 tonight!!!!  I ran around on Saturday and did the usual weekend chores ... but didn't step out the door today.  BRRRR
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I did get some unglamorous jobs done.   Besides the vacuuming and dusting, I did touch ups on the fireplace screen; painted the seat of the bay window, and put the final coat on the closet doors in the guest room.
I also ironed.   I think I have a freakish DNA glitch.   I LOVE ironing.   Everything just looks better when it is pressed.   Yes I press my jeans! (no crease ... just ironed)  But my favourite thing to iron is my linen table cloth.  It just seems festive somehow.  I guess it is that I only iron it when I have company.
A quiet weekend ...but a good cold weekend to putter and get some of these little job done!

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