Saturday, September 11, 2010

Red Pepper Jelly

Update on vacation ..... I have had the windows cleaned (I can see ... I can see!) spray painted the front light black to freshen it up, had a friend over for an afternoon of tea and catch up, my love seat has finally gone to the upholsterers to have the skirt lengthened,  bought some jeans and black pants for fall, and got two boxes of junk out of the basement for a church bazaar and donated an old coffee table and brass chandelier to a friend.   Yeah ... more space!

Yesterday I went to Niagara on the Lake to visit friends who run a B&B.

Four of  us go down, have lunch and sightsee then head to the Aberdeen Inn where Val and Keith BBQ'd for us.   Fabulous friends, great weather ... good day!!!

Tonight, I made Red Pepper Jelly with peppers I got at a Niagara fruit stand.

VOILA ....


  1. Thanks for posting this red pepper jelly recipe - you got me out of a pickle. I had a recipe for regular Certo but rain out of it and only had Certo light - and yours was the only recipe I could find. It turned out perfectly too. I actually used cider vinegar instead of white, as I love that flavour.
    Thanks again.

  2. How fun! Those would make great little gifts. I love red pepper jelly on cream cheese with crackers.

  3. yum! I can attest to the delicious-ness of this recipe! thanks for the jelly Aunt Sharon! :)
    - love Allison

  4. Our ladies guild has tried several recipes for red paper jelly over the past few years for our bi-annual tea and sale and now everyone asks if this is Sharon's recipe as that is the one they want.
    thought your would like to know. Tessa in B.C.

    1. oops red pepper jelly I mean