Thursday, July 15, 2010

Worth the wait

In an earlier post, I showed you the chairs I had made for my living room.   They arrived with HUGE tacks that I hated.

The man came Friday to change the tacks!   It is so much better ... now I love these chairs.  The tacks are more subtle and elegant, and English traditional.

OK, I admit, he thought I was nuts to take his picture!!!
Perfection! ... well worth the wait.


  1. Much better! Did the store send that guy out to change them? That is great service if so!

  2. Your chair looks real nice.. I love the style of it! I have large tacks on my microfiber loveseat and couch, and never thought about asking if smaller ones could have been put on them instead. I will keep that in mind if I happen to buy another piece of furniture that has the larger tacks on them. Thanks! Makes it real nice that they sent over someone to replace them for you in your home too! Now that's really great service!


  3. Oh my my my, that is lightyears better! I love it, so much!

  4. Good call on changing the tacks!

  5. Very nice. Looks elegant but still cozy.