Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When you think Quilts, do you think Sarah Richardson?

When I think about Sarah Richardson, I typically think of her contemporary, sleek look.   But she can do Country as well.    I'm a quilter and love the look of quilts on beds and Sarah has  a number of them in her current "Sarah's Home 3" and in her own cottage:

Country master bedroom (Sarah's House - Season 3)
Uptown, graphic country
a guest room in the 3rd Season house
at her cottage: sweet for her daughters
Classic red and white Master at the cottage:
Hanging on a rod for some extra warmth:


  1. I've seen pics of all of those rooms that Sarah had done, and the lovely quilts. Funny enough, though, I wouldn't have put 'Sarah Richardson and quilts's together until I saw this post. Now I know :)I love quilts and quilting too.

  2. Well, I do now! I love that first one with the yellow pattern.

  3. When I was the Christie Antique Show, I came across many quilts and wondered "Would Sarah buy that?", lol! Quilts are a great way to add colour into a room.

  4. Hi Sharon,
    I love the quilts Sarah has chosen. I watched the show where she was buying the gold and white one. I really love her style.
    It was great to catch up with you today.
    take care and have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  5. Sarah can design an amazing room around anythingie! That yellow quilt really is a superstar!

  6. I'm doing a post about quilts and am using some of the photos you used here and mentioning your post. It will be coming out on Monday. You pulled together some great photos here.