Sunday, June 20, 2010

I should have left them on the truck .....

My new chairs arrived yesterday.   As soon as the door on the truck opened I knew .... they had used the wrong upholstery tacks.
The guys brought them into my living room, and the chairs are really lovely, but the tacks are too big.   They are too masculine and sort of mediterranean .... I'm looking for smaller, traditional, English.
So tomorrow, I'm on the phone to the furniture place.   Isn't it always something?

On the other hand, I do love the cushions I bought at Home Sense.   They are green with small thread designs in the colour of the chair.
Sorry for the flash, but needed it to get the colour.

My other chair and ottoman are at the reupholster's, I have an oil painting in being reframed.  I'm looking for a coffee table.  It is slowing coming together!


  1. I love the shape of the chairs. My coworker had the wrong couch delivered this week. She knew even with the plastic wrap still on. The delivery guy insisted that it just looked different outside the store, but she knew. Two days later they were back picking it up and bringing the correct one. Good luck.

  2. The chairs are a really nice size and shape and the fabric looks really great, but yes i agree those tacks are too big, they look like sea urchins. Once you swap them with the right ones, i think those chairs are going to look really clean and classic.

  3. Bummer! Those tacks are pretty prominent... but you're right, it's always something!

    I like the texture and color of that pillow, too.

  4. UGH, that sucks. As long as they will fix it, not a biggie. Annoying though!