Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New chairs for living room

I haven't gone to look for fabric to recover my pink wing back chairs yet. 

I was visiting a friend on the weekend and was close to my favourite furniture store in Whitby so I dropped in and they just happened to have a chair sale on. I was really just looking for options, but I found this chair. (it wouldn't be in this fabric)
I like this because it is smaller than my current wing backs, but has a slight illusion to a wing in a more current chair, and it is amazingly comfortable.

For just a little more than the price of fabric and having my wings re-upholstered, I could have new chairs.   They have a hardwood frame, the right spring system and are Canadian made.

Now I'm stumped ... what do I do?  do I really want to be more current or am I happy with my traditional rut?   and what do I do with my pink chairs?  try Craigslist? .... two pink Barrymore wingchairs for sale???

This is why I still have two pink chairs in my living room :-))


  1. Wow you are on a chair roll! I think the Whitby chair can be both traditional and current at the same time. With the right fabric, piping and some nail head trim, it would make a great transitional piece.

  2. Yikes, I'm not sure what I would do! I think I'd keep the wingbacks because they are just so cool. Either way, they will turn out great!