Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who needs Craigslist?

Who needs Craigslist?   I have Allenslist.   My older brother has just recently downsized from a large 4 bedroom suburban home to a beautiful 2 bedroom condo overlooking Oakville Yacht Club.  They only took an antique breakfront, a Chinese wedding chest and Al's art collection.   They didn't even take their dishes and cutlery ... talk about a fresh start!

Last night he delivered a chair for me ..... isn't it pretty.   The upholstery is in pristine condition.   I love it, and it looks perfect in my den. 

In the spirit of "if one thing comes in, one thing goes out" I am going to take my Grandfather's chair over to my younger brother.

When my grandfather passed away he arranged that all his personal belonging were auctioned off.   Everyone in the large extended family wanted this chair ... it is hard to think of my grandfather without thinking of this chair.   Unless he was in the barn, he was surveying his domain from that chair, so it was a hotly contested item.
My younger brother REALLY wanted the chair.  He was 12 at the time and when the bidding got over what he could afford, he just kept bidding it up, knowing that I also REALLY wanted it.   I finally bought it for $125.00 ... an exceptionally high price at the time.

I had it completely refurbished .... but it really isn't very comfortable. 

Since then whenever Bruce visits, he sits in the chair and keeps saying he is going to put a sticker under the chair seat with his name on it for future reference.  I tease that I am going to leave it to his daughter in my will with thet caveat that it can't live in his home.

So ... you can imagine how excited he is going to be when I deliver it.  I can hardly wait to see his face.


  1. The chair your brother gave you is absolutely gorgeous! It's great that you'll bring your younger brother your grandfathers chair - I'm sure he'll be absolutely thrilled!

  2. Wow, that does look perfect in there! How sweet of you to give the other chair to your bro.