Monday, April 5, 2010

New office chair

My office desk chair died.  It was a lovely old wooden chair, but it kept coming apart at the joints and I had to keep applying more wood glue and clamping.  I was sitting in the chair a couple weeks ago and the back fell off ... in pieces!!!!  So time for a new chair ...

I still wanted an old chair with character and a padded seat.   My sister-in-law, Donna,  was on the look out for one.   It was 'big' garbage day last week in Oakville, so she managed to pick up three options for me.   Last night I brought home a sturdy wooden chair with a shield back and a seat I can recover.

I added new foam and recovered the seat with the same toile that's in my office drapes.
I was thinking of painting the frame a dark red... but couldn't wait to do the seat.   I'm an instant gratification girl!!!

And here it is at work ...


  1. So cute... love the fabric and the shape of the chair is fantastic!

  2. What a score! And what a difference the toile makes. Hope you do get around to painting the wood red. I think that will look really sharp. I have always loved Heppplewhite shield-back chairs.

  3. I looks great! Gotta love big garbage day around here too. I find in our neighbourhood most folks put things out several days ahead, especially if rain is not forecast. People walk and drive by all the time. Often things go to your immediate neighbours before they even get to the curb. It is a great way to divert a lot of useful things from the landfill. We live in newer homes and last week I scored 6 multi-paneled interior doors (like new and with modern door knobs) for my brother's basement reno. The owners had taken them all off to replace with solid wood doors.

  4. I like it! I agree with Micah -- the shape of the chair is lovely.


  5. A lovely chair and a great makeover!

  6. Ooh I love that chair, such a beautiful back! The fabric is stunning and I definitely think you should paint it red...for more gratification!

  7. HI Sharon,
    I love how your seat cover tuned out and it looks great in your office! it really looks pretty with the curtains. Painting the chair red would be really cool, but the natural stain color is nice too. I'm a red girl so I say go for it and paint it.

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