Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little being done here

I don't know if it is the spring weather, or I'm just lazy ... but I haven't really done any DIY projects recently.

I am continuing to paint my baseboards so they look a little fresher, and have put a coat of paint on some closet doors,.

As I walked in the front door yesterday, I did decide to take the screen door off.   I really dislike screen doors but this one was on when I moved in.  But now it's the front door's turn for a spiff up.

I just have to get motivated to do that because once I remove it, it means that I have to fill all the holes, paint all the trim, and change the door colour. Wouldn't cream trim and a shiny black door look nice? The door to the garage is right there, so it will have to be done also. You know how one thing leads to another. Of course in this case ... just a spring clean would help until I get around to removing and painting!!

It is going to be really warm this Easter weekend, so I plan to spend time in the garden cutting back some of the grasses and perennials and raking off the few leaves on the beds.  I might even get some edging done, or some patio chairs out !  The garden looks so sad until it's cleaned up.

Stuff is getting done ... just not huge jobs .... certainly nothing "picture" worthy.

Happpy Easter Everyone!!!!


  1. I'm doing the same things, cleaning up the garden, contemplating the front door... we already have a new storm door still in the box from months ago! ha

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I also love finding other Canadian blogs, and especially those in our area.
    I would say painting baseboards and closets IS doing DIY. One of those annoying tasks that feels so good when done.
    Our yard is looking pretty sad now too, but with the gorgeous weekend we are supposed to get, we too may be taking out some patio things. Happy Easter.
    I became a follower so I can check out more of your posts. I'll be back.