Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Less is More' Christmas Decorating

I belong to the "Less is More" school of Christmas decorating.

My table centrepiece

My coffee table - bowl of pinecones, dried oranges and greens

A sleeping cat, that plays Silent Night

A twig Christmas tree

Snowmen rollicking on my end table

A cross stitch Santa I sewed

Some folk art (Santa and Tray)

A reading nook in the Family Room with a Christmas quilt

Too many decorations is too distracting for me.  I'm pretty restrained, but festive!


  1. Fun post and beautiful Christmas Quilt.

    You may want to check out the Virtual Christmas Quilt show on my site. And, I'd love to see you enter your Christmas Quilt!
    Random drawing for prizes on December 25th. Just be sure to follow the rules, if you want to win any prizes.


  2. I think I attended the same school Sharon :-). Your home looks beautiful and your tree is traditional,elegant and fun, happy holidays, Kathy.

  3. Yes, I'm of the same Less is More school of thought Sharon. Your decorations look delightful - very warm & welcoming
    Millie ^_^