Monday, December 14, 2009

Hostess Gift

I'm going to visit very dear friends on Christmas Eve.  We stand around their kitchen island, shuck oysters, and drink champagne.  I never know what to take as a gift (hostess and Christmas), as they have everything.  So Sunday afternoon, when it was so grey and dull outside, I remembered a Christmas quilt panel I had in my stash.   I got it out and just started adding borders; then did some really simple quilting. I sewed the binding on while I watched Christmas specials on TV last night.   Voila ... a Christmas lap quilt.
For those of you who don't quilt ... I laid the back on the  carpet, sprayed with Quilting adhesive and layered on the batting.
Then sprayed the batting and layered on the top.
The adhesive holds the layers together for quilting, so you don't have to baste them.

Quilted and done:

It was all done with fabrics I already had ...easy to do, but I think they will like it!

A closer look at the fabrics:

The back:


  1. Great present - you make it look so simple but I'm sure it's not! Leigh

  2. You're a talented lady. I can't even sew curtain panels, as you may have read....ha

  3. What a happy surprise to find this panel used in a different way. I also used this panel, but made a simple wall hanging. If you are curious, here's the link: