Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's a Tablescape?

It was Greenery Day yesterday.   Every year, the four of us go up to Nancy's cottage on Balsalm Lake and cut greenery for our holiday pots.  We all take something for lunch, and stop multiple times on the way at our favourite bakeries.  One is "Butter Tarts and More" ... need I say more!

When we get to the cottage we cut our greenery and then start with the appetizers in front of the fireplace. It's really all about the food.  When it came to lunch, Nancy said she didn't have anything festive for the table.   But really ... you can put four girls in the middle of no where ... but they can always find a way to make a table beautiful.   The bottom red layer is an apron folded in a square, then we layered a plaid scarf on top as our runner.   We used  greenery in a little pot of polar bears we found in a cupboard, and as we had exchanged our gifts, Nancy had received the pretty snowflake plates. When it was complete, I said "Voila...a tablescape".   I was met with three blank looks.   Obviously my life is divided into bloggers and non-bloggers :-))

Should I link this in for one of the many Tablescape days (hahaha)

I was up early this morning to rake the remaining leaves and had that and my pot for the front constructed by 9:30AM!!!

I need a bit more soft pine that I'll pick up at the garaden centre this afternoon ... and I'm ready to welcome visitors.


  1. Butter tarts + tablescapes... sounds like a perfect day! Like what you did with your greenery!

  2. Your pot looks gorgeous. Looks like you had a fabulous day - lots of great food and a lovely tablescape! Leigh