Friday, November 20, 2009

Festive Pictures Framed

I went to Michael's to get a frame that would hold three 5x7 Christmas cards.  I really wanted the pictures vertical, but could only find horizontal.

I looked through the stack and every single frame had chips.   I took the least chipped frame to the checkout, and the conversation went like this:

Me ... "every single frame had a chip"  (no question/request here)
12 year old seasonal Clerk... picks up phone and asks for customer assistance.
Clerk ... she scans the frame ... original price $29.99 and it is 40% off ... it comes up at $19.99 (which isn't 40% off, but I didn't say anything).   I give her a coupon for 25% off frames over the sale price (which would have brought it down another approx $7.00) ... she looks at the coupon and says, with rolled eyes, ... "they won't give you any more off than this."
Me(politely):  "mmmmm"
There are now people lining up behind me.
Clerk, again with rolled eyes, maybe because no one from customer assistance has come, jabs a cash button and says ... "I'll give you 80% off."
..... 80% off the sale price!!
Me (doing internal happy dance) says .... "Thank you."

YAHOO ... I got a $29.99 frame for $4.00!!!!!  I live for stuff like this.

I took it home, got out my black spray paint and in 2 seconds had the frame pristine.   Doesn't it look nice with these festive cards.

It's more winter seasonal than really Christmas ... so I hung on the wall.   Love it!
This is my "Greenery Weekend" with the girls.   We go to one of the girls cottages and cut down greenery for our winter pots.  (and eat ... a lot).

Have a good weekend!!!!!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and I love pillows, too! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, Martha

  2. Score! The frame looks great, i like the pictures you choose.

  3. Wow, nice work! That's the kind of thing that would just make my day! Sometimes it really pays to be persistent and not just settle.