Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vacation is over ... Back to Work Tomorrow

I've been off for the past two weeks, and it has been the best two weeks of the summer weatherwise.   I was around home and had a list of stuff to get done .... did I get everything done?

1. Visit my niece Allison at McMaster University and take her for lunch
(We spent a great day making sure her room was set up, went for cupcakes and then lunch.  I love spending time with Allison)
2. Go to Designer Fabrics.
(Spent a morning in downtown Toronto, shopped DF, got fabric which became a roman blind in my guest bathroom.   Visited a new scrapbooking store and went to Cornerstone Furniture.)
3. Shop for fall clothes for work.
(Shopped, got some tops, a tweed suit and a fabulous pair of black patent, faux croc, penny loafers (they are perfect) ... Not as much as I wanted to get ... but a start.)
4. Get a part for the door of my car and have it installed.
(not everything can be exciting ... but I'm glad the trim is back on the door.   I am sad though, I own a Saturn and the parts manager said that Saturn is closing in Canada; only staying in business in the U.S.   Most Saturn owners are loyal and love their cars ... so not good news)
5.  Sew bed skirt  for guest room
(Done ... room is a work in progress)
6. Get a mirror for the den.
(got a mirror, tried it in the room, but before it would work I would have to change the mantel, etc, etc ... so took it back ... mantel change will go on another list!)
7. Buy trim paint and start painting (the trim was pretty beat up looking when I moved in and needs a coat of touch up)
Paint has been purchased ... not started painting yet.

Some of the best things weren't on my list:
1.  My friend Karen, who has moved to another town, called and invited herself for dinner.   We had a great visit, she showed me pictures of what she was doing in her new place, and we made a run to Fabricland.
2.  My sister (in-law) took a day off and we ran the roads visiting scrapbook and craft stores.   She is a passionate card maker.
3.   I rummaged in the basement and found a small shelf that I painted black for my front hall (will show you finished product in another post);

and found a fern stand that I moved up to my guest room which is a work in progress.  I put a pine top on it to make it a small table.   Can't decide if I should paint the body white?  (the room is pale blue with white drapes and accents, the dresser is also pine) ... not sure whether to leave it as is to tie in with the dresser or paint.   What do you think??  

There were a couple more things on my list ... I didn't get my chili sauce or red pepper jelly made, the back of my quilt hasn't been sewn yet, though I did get the front finished.  I read a couple trashy novels, stayed up late, went for walks, relaxed.  All in all a great vacation.

Now back to work tomorrow all revitalized ... at least for the first half hour :-))

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