Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Completed Roman Blind

Well ... not a real Roman Blind.   A "faux" Roman Blind.
You can't raise or lower it ... but you get the look.

I bought this fabric(mentioned in my previous post):
My bathroom window opening is 28 H x 29 W.   I bought a yard of fabric and cut to 32 " wide, and the white cotton lining to 28" wide.  That allowed the fabric to go 1" on the back on either side and for a 1/2" seam. 
I sewed one side, then pressed the 1" around the back, and then did the same on the second side, pressed; then sewed the bottom edge, and pulled the drape right side out.
I knew how deep I wanted the blind to be, so I just eyeballed how big I wanted the folds to be.   For my blind, I went up 4 1/2", and brought the fold down 3".  I did this three times to get the depth I wanted ... the first two I machine sewed down, the third I handstitched on the back as I didn't want a machine sewing line on the front.
Once all my folds were done, I zigzagged the two fabric layers at top of the blind to keep them together; cut a 1x2 piece of wood to 28 3/4", painted it white; stapled the top of the blind to the wood, and screwed the wood to the top of the window.  Voila!
So the bathroom for the guest room is now done.
The black and white pictures are photos that my brother, Bruce, took.   He was in the country after an ice storm and stopped to capture the icy landscape.   I was impressed with the images and framed them.

One job done ... how many to go??


  1. So pretty! Designer Fabrics has such a great selection.

  2. I just got called on my crediting the photos in my bathroom to my brother. My sister-in-law Donna is actually responsible. Thanks Donna. :-)