Tuesday, October 2, 2018

New and improved doors

It is a little thing; but the closet doors have always bugged me.   They were floor to ceiling, builder basic sliders.   You could only access half the closet at a time.
When I had the hardwood floors put in earlier this year I had them remove the doors.

I am currently having my laundry room finished, so had the doors updated at the same time.  It was more labour intensive than I thought.   They had to build a bulk head and side extension to fit the new bi-folds I wanted.  Seemed to take ages to complete, the construction, the painting and I had the craft room painted at the same time.  Finally after two weeks of all the contents of my closets laying on the bed in the guest room they are done.
Craft Room

 Two closets between the Master Bedroom and Bath

Love the two large panels.  Another great update done.

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