Sunday, July 8, 2018

Those wascaly wabbits!!!

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We had a very cold winter.   In the spring I noticed that the rabbits had eaten a lot of my garden, and I've been working to bring it back.

I put in a lovely, lush Purple Sandcherry bush one day and the next morning this is what I was greeted by.   Not just the leaves, but branches gone too.   They eat everything in sight.  My Rubeckia is now 3 inches tall, instead of 24 inches.   They even eat things they aren't supposed to ... day lilies and coneflowers.
 Today it appears more creatures have joined the buffet.   This is usually about 36 inches high with pretty purple flowers, ... but this morning it is about 8 inches high and all the flowers are gone.  Because of the height I don't think it is the rabbits.
I have tried everything.   My latest is blood meal.   I seems to work but has to be re-applied after you water or it rains.

I have at the hairdressers yesterday and she says human hair works.   Work it in just under the top of the ground so it doesn't blow away.   Apparently rabbits don't like the smell of humans.

She gave me a bag of hair (GROSS I know) and I am on my way out to work it in.   Obviously I'll try anything :)

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  1. Oh no! And I have had no success with the hair thing. The only thing that worked for me consistently was spraying the plants with a Tabasco sauce concoction. Here's an article on the subject Good luck! (and thanks for your sweet comment on my wall opening project!)