Monday, May 21, 2018

Pine Floors

I have an antique pine floors in my den which I just LOVE.   The honey colour is really warm and it is all beat up and dented.

I wanted to duplicate that look when I put wooden floors upstairs.   It was really difficult to find.  In Canada no one has pine floors.   I had to go to a specialty floor store and custom order it.   They had to mill specifically for me.   The installer says this is only the second time in his 30 year career that he has laid pine.   It is too soft and marks easily ... just the attributes I want.

I started by wanting to lay wood in my sewing room because it would be easier to clean than carpet.   I kept dropping pins, they got lost in the carpet and only found when I stepped on them.    Then I decided to do the whole second floor.  And ... it is amazing.

Office:   Before... all cleaned out for the install/after

Master Bedroom... cleaned out for the install:  Before/After

Guest Room:   Before/After


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