Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Proper Tool

I have always been one to make do.  My Father, who I learned all my skills from, never had the proper tool for anything he made, but turned out beautiful work.

I decided to make a work bench for my laundry room.   I started on the base using 2x3s.   I do have a drill, so I drilled for the screws and then started on the 2 1/2 inch screws.   Somewhere between my last project and now, I have lost all the strength in my hands!!  Obviously if I was going to get my project together, I had to have a new plan.

Off to Home Depot .... and I purchased a new drill/driver set.   Welcome to the 21st century!   It is amazing how much easier it is with the proper tool.
12V Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit
Now I am eyeing the tool aisle for other improvements to my sadly lacking tools.

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  1. We got a small drill that is so light and handy for easy projects like hanging things on the wall. So much nicer than lugging around our huge Dewalt drill! The right tools do make a huge difference.