Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I'm Retired!! and I need a new patio to sit on :)

I've retired!  Hopefully now I have tons of time for all those updates around the house that I have been ignoring.

My first update is not a DIY.   I had laid flagstone myself in the backyard.   I loved the look of it , but this spring there were a lot of weeds between the stones and some of the stones had moved over the winter and weren't level.   I broke my foot last year, and so hadn't done much gardening, but now I'm back at it and need a level surface.

Also, now that I have the time,  I have started to sit on the patio with my first cup of tea in the morning and just relax.   I needed better.
and I got it:
OK ... just one gratuitous picture of men without shirts working :-)

The results:
Tiny. Perfect. Patio

Now when I sit on the patio by the sliding doors I can see this fabulous view of my garden.
Love, love, love.

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