Monday, September 29, 2014

Tidying up the Side

The side walkway of my house has been a mess since I moved in.   I could never get the lady next door, whose walkway connects, to agree to have it fixed.   She has agreed to having quotes ... hundreds of quotes, but never to actually set it in motion.

After the horrible winter last year, I wanted to get the walkway fixed so it wouldn't slope to the house.   I didn't have any water damage in the spring, but didn't want to go through another winter worrying.
Not pretty!!!
I finally got a contractor to agree to do just half.
It now looks tidy and I won't have to worry about leaks this winter (knock on wood)
Well the lady next door must have been embarassed seeing how nice my walkway looked.   She finally had her side tidied up.    The walkways aren't gorgeous, but at least we can safely walk on them and hopefully no water damage.

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