Thursday, November 8, 2012

Me? Modern?

I'm very traditional, even in my quilting, but I came across a fabulous quilt  bog The Quilting Edge that completely inspired me to try something modern.

Here is my first "modern" quilt.   I think I embraced the theme and am happy with the result.


  1. This is absolutely stunning, Sharon. I can't believe I played a small part in the inspiration of such a fabulous quilt.

  2. So very pretty, Sharon. The colours and patterns are powerful and go together so well. Yes modern, but very effective. It has a hint of Mennonite with the blue, black and solids, maybe? Very modern country but hinting at tradition. If I ever get my current pieces finished I would love to try one of these. I know it would appeal to my guys too.Thanks for continuing to inspire me.

  3. Hi Sharon
    Spectacular! I love the way it came together!

  4. I've been following The Quilted Edge for about 2 years now, I love her work but have not yet had the nerve to attempt her style of modern quilting, love it and love your attempt as well, great job!!