Friday, February 24, 2012

A Miscellaneous Kind of Week

Not every week has a major project.   I puttered this week.  Everything is back in place after the painters and it precipitated an early Spring Clean.   
I sorted through the china cabinet and took out anything I didn't use on a regular basis.   I even (horrors) packed up all my 'good' china, put it in a plastic container and put it in the basement.   I usually use my everyday white dishes, or my blue and white transferware.   I packed away some wine glasses ... who need 1000 wine glasses? I don't drink champagne on a regular basis :-) .... and made the top part more a display. 
 I washed the drapes.   This is Sam, laying on his favourite spot ... the heat vent!
 I painted the walls going downstairs so they matched the rest of the first floor.   Haven't done the wall at the landing yet, but it doesn't bother me in the original colour.
Got a new ironing board cover (what can I say ... I'm easily pleased)
and picked up some tulips.   We are expecting 10cm of snow today and I needed to be reminded of Spring.

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