Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Found Space

I love it when I find extra space.   Just look behind doors.
 I quilt, and I have tons of rulers that I constantly misplace. So I added cork to one of the already trimmed out spaces on this door and created a spot for my rulers.  (just writing that made me think of another ruler I had, I searched it out and hung it up).  I put in nails for the heavy ones, but can just pin the little ones.
I think I'll get more cork and do the middle square as well.   You can never have too much found space!



  1. I love your cork board - I think you should do all 3 squares as it just looks cool and functional!, Berna

  2. Designs on the square it look so beautiful.I really like this.

    codice sconto

  3. What a clever idea! Pretty functional too! Thanks for visiting me Sharon, I'm now following you, hugs.