Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Planning a new fireplace mantel

Last year I painted the existing mantel on my fireplace.  
 This year, I would like to create a full mantel, and I've been searching for inspiration.   I'm planning something like this ... a simple white surround with a reveal of the bricks:

I'll be off to Home Depot on the weekend!


  1. Ooo, exciting! I love that look with the bricks inside the mantel. I wish our own bricks hadn't been painted already.

  2. We did this in our last home. Our fireplace separated the living and dining room, with an open walk through on either side. We drywalled the brick except for the hearth and then built a mantle similar to the 2nd photo. Finished it off with crown moulding around the top ... changed the look of the rooms completely.