Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year ... New Pillows

I like to start off every new year with new bed pillows.   I saw a show once that said a pillow of only two years old can be composed of up to twenty percent dust mites feces and carcasses!!   With the graphics they provided it just made me want to change them yearly.   ICK!
Pillows are always on sale after Christmas.   I got mine (Sealy, for those who sleep on their stomach)
50% off.
It's just a nice way to start off the year.


  1. We have so many pillows in our house, I love lots of pillows, and it's so nice to have new ones!

  2. i didn't realize i sleep on my stomach until i was pregnant this time...maybe its time for special pillows (we got ours less than a year ago, I think in the summer time...I toss them often because I drool)