Monday, October 31, 2011

Magazine Storage

Hi my name is Sharon and I hoard collect magazines.  I was going thru a pile today thinking I should get rid of some, then I remembered that I had this metal egg crate.
It usually sits outside in the summer, upside down with a potted geranium on top, but I just brought it in so it wouldn't completely rust away during the winter.   It is the perfect size for magazines.   I put it in the guest room, added a piece of foam core to the bottom so the magazines don't get permanent rung marks and stacked two years worth of Canadian House and Home in it.   Look at how much space is left ... I can hoard  save tons more! 
If you were staying in my guest room, wouldn't you like to have magazines to thumb through?


  1. Oh yes I would! I would wake up in the morning looking very tired from spending half the night checking out your back issues ;) Love the glance of the windowed cabinet you made and the egg basket is just perfect for magazines.

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