Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halogen ... Yes or No?

Ever since I moved into this house I have wanted to take down the drop, flourescent lighting in my kitchen.  Finally, I purchased some track lighting and arranged for the electrician to come and do the switch.
I started with this:
and quickly moved on to this:
At that point everything stopped.   There was no electrical box in the ceiling, just wires sticking out and the electrician hadn't brought a box with him!   He then took the track lighting out of the box to look at it and said he didn't think halogen was a good choice because it gets too hot!  He suggested that I get LED track, but said there wasn't a lot of choices in that yet.   He also said that halogen pot lights would be too hot here!  His second suggestion was a light fixture with incandescent blubs!
(a lot of !!s, but that is how this conversation made me feel!)
So now I have wires hanging from my ceiling. I took the lights back last night and couldn't find an alternate.  This weekend is a hunting trip for lighting.

On the upside, I did have him change the light in the powder room from this:
to this:

Do you have halogen?    Is it too hot with 8 foot ceilings?
I went to a good lighting store last night and the owner suggested that I go with the halogen lights I had purchased and as the LED bulbs improve, that I retrofit them. He said they were too weak and expensive at the moment, but improve every couple months .... so I think that is what I will do.  Now I just have to call the electrician back!

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  1. Hmm...I don't know about that. I'm doing two large opal schoolhouse fixtures in my kitchen, so hopefully that will be enough light without having can lights. I got them at Rejuvenation!