Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It says "Welcome"

The "Welcome" to your home starts at the front door.

I'm in the process of painting my front door.  I started at the beginning of summer, got the primer and first coat on and then was stopped by all the humidity we've been having this summer.  The paint never seemed to dry!

Every day I leave and enter by my front door ..... and I hate being in the middle of an unfinished project this length of time.  

So ... here's some great front doors that are finished!

Cheery Yellow -
Regal Blue -
Natural Wood -
Pretty, calm blue -
Classic Black -
A punch of red -
White ... a nice bright clean welcome -
An then one with definite personality!!!


  1. Now that you are restarting the paint job, do you have to sand and start from scratch or are you just putting another coat on?

  2. I just need to put another coat on ... I had painted the first coat in the morning and let it dry all day with the door open, but when I closed it at night and reopened in the morning a bit of paint came off when it had been closed. So I stopped painting and am waiting til the humidity leaves (if it ever does this summer!) ... and then will put the last coat on. It looks better already ... cleaner and brighter.

  3. What color are you using or is it a surprise??

  4. I'm hoping to get our front storm door replaced and the wood door painted once it gets cooler, too. I can't decide on red, black or something funky though!