Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not Posh Spice...Posh Red

I painted my office chair:
Red Chair working:
I used the new Behr paint that is primer and paint all in one.   I wasn't really happy with the coverage, or the drying time.  I know red takes a lot of coats, but this chair has 4 coats on it ... that is a lot of checking for drips!
I don't think I'll use it again, I'm back to primer and then paint.
As a followup to my post about giving Grandpa's chair to my brother ....

Is this a happy face?


  1. The chair looks lovely! And thanks for the Behr paint review.

    Oh, and that looks like a happy face to me!

  2. Love it! I like the Behr paint and primer in one, although I use it as paint only. There is no way for primer and paint to be combined without losing essential parts of each. Priming separately (especially under red) is totally necessary.

    Your chair looks great now!

  3. Love...love...love your new red chair...and the toile...YUMMY!

    I also have to say I adore your stool project...from a previous post...the plate iamge on the top is gorgeous! I have been looking for ideas for a set of stools I have and I love this...I am going to copy...I hope you don't mind?!

    Have a wonderful day!

    I am your newest follower so I will be back to see if you have any more ideas I can steal;)!

  4. Sharon, your header is lovely- so tranquil- love the red chair-Im a big fan of the red- and love the toile- i do everything in black-white toile=and sometimes red- so cute- great job-
    just became a followr- cant wait to see more inspiration-