Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I bought new chairs!

I did it!!!!   I bought two new chairs for my living room. I had been to one of my favourite furniture stores and saw the chair I wanted, but not the fabric, so I went to the manufacturer's showroom last Saturday.

I still loved the chair, and found some fabulous fabric with vines on it that give a fairly modern chair a more feminine, traditional look, and I changed the legs to a cherry finish. 
On Monday they called and said they couldn't get the fabric.  I went back Saturday with a full day to make a selection ... and finally found the perfect fabric.   It's taupe - a cross between velet and chenille.   Very soft and luxurious.  I added small upholstery tacks to the arms to make it even more traditional.

They usually don't sell to the public, they work with dealers and decorators, but when I told him the cost of the chair at my furniture store; he said they were gouging me.  He bettered the price by $250 a chair.

$250 a chair !!!!!!!  I saved $500 buying from the manufacturer and got a better fabric and the tacking.  I'm not to tell anyone ... but it's not like anyone really reads my blog  ;-)

I was going to re-upholster my existing pink wingbacks, but I think the smaller scale will do me well in the future, as I'll probably be in a condo within 5 years.

I'm a happy girl ..... they come in 4 weeks.


  1. I like those chairs alot! Great job finding a better price. Isn't that always fun?

  2. Lovely and great price, too!

  3. Can't wait to see the finished chairs.