Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sarah's House - Season 3

It's Season 3 at Sarah's House on HGTV ... and I'm hooked again.   She has bought a farm for $500,000 and is fixing it up ... well, as much as you can with a budget of $600,000!

On the last episode Sarah and Tommy decorated the entry hall, adding a bathroom and tons of storage.  Sarah painted all the closet doors red.  Maybe you don't have a $600,000 budget for updating your house ... but this is something anyone can do.   It's just a gallon of paint and  it added TONS of WOW factor!!  


  1. Cool idea! I have not seen this show... I assume it is on HGTV?

  2. Hi Sharon,
    You are so right, and I love red. I think I might just paint my interior doors red in my new house.
    I loved your post,
    Enjoy your day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  3. Love Sarah's show, but she always talks about how we can afford to do this too.... NOT! I know I sure don't have $600K in my bank acct. to fix up an old house. But.... that being said, I still love her show.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  4. I am crazy about the white, intricately carved wedge coffee table she used in the country home. What is it called--I'm looking for one, please. lita